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admin gug me for ever
so basically i did go to an admin sit and i was gonna try to ask him something he just pick me up and trow me to the end of the hallway and when i came back to hime he gag me when his sit was over i told him ungug me and he keep saying no when i call another admin he told like this "YOUR FUC**NG ANNOYING "
and when i did ask him again he just teleport to me and teleport back to his original place and total ignored me (look evidence N2

the name of the admin ho did gag me : BubbleS
the name of the admin ho did say the "F" word and didn't unguge me : master yoda

and they didn't gave me a gag timer it was infinite  

NOTICE : admin sit should not be in map it should be outside map

Some evidence :

i mean you went up to an admin sit... this is going to annoy them. You could of waited or asked another admin. He phys gunned you away because you were not wanted there at that time and you came back
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Sorry for guguing you forever, i was going to ungug you but then you was spamming me so got me abit anoyed and when i left i forgot to ungug. I'm sorry.
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BubbleS Approve Statement.
I apologise but your grammar is very hard to understand, so I'm going to attempt to translate it into readable English so people can understand what you are trying to say.

So basically I went to to an admin sit, and I was gonna try to ask him something he just picked me up and threw me to the end of the hallway. And when i came back to him, he gagged me. When his sit was over I told him ungag me and, but he kept saying no. When i called another admin he told me, "YOUR FRICKING ANNOYING"
When I asked him again he just teleported to me, then teleported back to his original place and totally ignored me. (Look at the second piece of evidence)

-The name of the admin who gagged me: BubbleS
-The name of the admin who said "Frick" and didn't ungag me: master yoda

There was no gag timer, and it was infinite.

NOTICE : Admin sits should not be inside the facility, it should be outside on the roof.

Some evidence:
1) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561...5840696715
2) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1359392080
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I dont really know if i can accept or deny Admin abuse reports but anyway.

First: Gags are not on a timer but normally an admin wil ungag you after 2-3 mins of gaging you.

Second: Sometimes (when urgent) an admin may hold a sit not on the surface eather its because something happened right infront of them or its because they may have teleported to someone when that person was doing something they shouldnt have been. Thats why we sometimes hold sits not on the surface.
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he told like this "YOUR FUC**NG ANNOYING "

Problem : I don't do swears.
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When you hit a wall, there is two ways around it....
this is also a christian server, the console would auto ban if someone swore
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[Image: 02f1ce32de2f275b3b209bc6b137ac65.png]
Gaggings pretty hot to be honest, idk why you're complaining
"You're the worst person to join the server and I love you for it" - Rhys Blackwood. Ex-HRP SSA. 
"Kill yourself Meme, I hate you" - Jax Teller.
Loved by everyone, here's proof: https://imgur.com/a/uY6kb[Image: TW3MA9x.jpg]
Reason:This report has gone on for far to long with no solid proof and i have replied to this with the reason why.
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