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Spud's Staff Application
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The application must be as Form.


All who make spelling mistakes, or who speak in SMS language, will be immediately rejected

* Name:

Age *: (minimum 15 years)
14 Years

Availability *: (minimum 4 hours per day)
I am available up to around 5 hours a day, if not more

Do you own a microphone and teamspeak? *:
I own both a microphone and teamspeak, I use them regularly

A few words about you and your personality *:
I am usually quite chatty and enjoy being around other people, furthermore I am friendly and love helping people out.

RP * Name: 
Usually "Spud" or "Michael Spud"

* SteamID:

* "How long have you been on our server?*level*: -(minimum 15 "level")
I am currently level 20, nearly 21

What timezone are you from?
Standard GMT

Vocal SectionVocaroo
You will have to answer the following questions orally! Or ask an Owner to type the Vocaroo part.

You will need to go to the website: www.vocaroo.com, and click the button "Click To Record" and then answer the following questions orally, record them separately.

I have permission from Oclexe to type this part.

Presentation IRL *:
As stated previously, my name is Zac -  I am currently in year 9 and have lots of free time which I usually use playing games.

Your motivation for becoming a staff member *:
I really enjoy the server and wish to give back by helping players with rule breakers, minges and cheaters. I really love the community and staff team and I want to further become a part of it.

Why you and not someone else? *:
You should pick me because I have a large amount of previous experience as a staff member, I am willing to adapt to new situations and I can quickly learn new things/rules. I take into account what the accused/accuser has done previously and take action accordingly, for example maybe the accuser is know for lying.

Your strengths / weaknesses *:
One of my strengths, as stated previously, is my ability to adapt to new situations quickly - however one of my downfalls may be the fact that I can be too forgiving of people (but I will follow the punishment list for rule breakers).

Experience as a moderator or administrator *:
I have experience as:
  • Superadmin on a DarkRP sever
  • Head-Admin on a DarkRP server called Ultimate Gamers (I was staff for over a year and this was the highest obtainable rank).
  • Admin on a Deathrun server
  • Moderator on a Deathrun server
What do you bring to the server *:
I like to think I make those I come in contact with just a little bit happier, I have a keen eye for details and discrepancies in people's stories making it easier for me to sort out situations.

"Paul Jackson"(example) has been reported for FailRP and RDM, what would you do when you found out he is doing so if you were a staff? :
I would listen to both sides of the argument and then check their claims with the console/logs then determine if Paul should be punished or not. If the claims were true then I would warn Paul Jackson for "RDM" and "FailRP" separately. 
You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation? :
I would collect evidence using screenshots ect and then report it to a higher-up staff member

Additional comments: - 
If I don't get accepted I will continue to play on the server.

Other (Number of bans, worries etc. ..) *:
I don't have any bans or worries.

Steam * Nickname: Spud the Potato

*: Essential
I'm a big boi now
+Bans (0 Bans)
Over all +Support 
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Everything okay and then i saw "Head-Admin on a DarkRP server called Ultimate Gamers (I was staff for over a year and this was the highest obtainable rank)." And if the rules on that has not changed, that is advetisement if the server is not down when you wrote it.

Everything else is okay meaning i'll give a +Support 
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BubbleS Approves this Statement
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