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Individual: Auto Turret/ThatDogeFellow

Date of Incident: 15/4-2018

RP Name of the player being accused: Auto Turret
Steam name: ThatDogeFellow: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144624543/

Steam ID of the person you're reporting: STEAM_0:1:92179407

Reason for the Report: The individual has been using the 106 job to abuse his invincibility to kill people and pose as an "auto turret" even though he understood the term "auto" as well as "Get off of the fucking job and change to a security if you wanne shoot class D"
He also failrped to a massive extend, stating that class d's are expandable, therefore deeming them to be killable under normal circumstances without testing required.

Proof (Screenshot / Video): Compiled: https://imgur.com/a/wRaaC

Extra Info: What the fuck's a lommy?

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[Image: jukebox-plays-ruby-tuesday-melanie.gif]
Always ready with a song and a sassy comment.
In defense.
-I did not mean to use my "invicibility" as a advantage.
-I only killed one person by accident that got in front of me while I was aiming at someone over the Class D "Kos Line" block.
-I only meant to kill any class D that passed over the line, not like this man is stating.
-After this incident I dropped my guns at TU Spawn. If a picture is required I will send one.
So you picked up a gun and shot a D, that is what I see from the screen shots and it has clear evidance.

[Image: fd57db04da.jpg]

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