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KipNugget Unban Request
Name of the admin that banned you: IDK

Your RP name: KipNugget

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:149165941

Reason for the Ban: Racism

Length of your Ban: Perm

Screen Message during your connection: https://gyazo.com/297b4ee50507feeeb4aa8a44591dd1d9

explanations: I was playing a funny meme video and there was a meme where you can here a song about niggers and someone dragged me away and said "Get of my server" and he banned me, I know it was really stupid of me but i want to play agian on this server because this was 1 of my favorite servers, And i know i didt had respect at that moment for other ppl that heared it. And i hope i will get unbanned. 
this is a copy and paste form your other one so this will be reduced to a month
[Image: 052b8229dce5ea8b05ef72d38b40f12a.gif]
[Image: 02f1ce32de2f275b3b209bc6b137ac65.png]

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