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Felix Refuses to admit he was offensive
Date of Incident:15/5/2018

RP Name of the player being accused: Felix

Steam ID of the person you're reporting: STEAM_0:0:236792700

Reason for the Report: Offensive Behavior 

Proof (Screenshot / Video):
(OOC) SCP Staff Felix: listen

(OOC) SCP Staff Felix: oh

(OOC) Venam: You know full well that thats offencisve and yet you stil say it

(OOC) SCP Staff Felix: okay

(OOC) SCP Staff Felix: and now you are gonna file a report?

(OOC) Venam: All i want is for you to appologise and yet you refuse

(OOC) SCP Staff Felix: i have nothing to appologise for

Extra Info:
After Telling him that i was deff and that what he said i found deeply offensive he refused to appologise to which i saw as unacceptable that that he was ignoring the fact that he offended my disablility,
Ok so i have no idea why you are actually filing a report all i said was "listen" and you instantly jump straight into accusing me of mocking you for being deaf
The "proof" you've given is pretty poor. Give proper evidence or this will be denied
Felix is not a player he is a staff member
The proof was weak and could be edited. 
Just because your deaf dosnt mean you've special privileges to be more respected in anyway.

This is CLOSED. any comments will lead to a forum warn / ban
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