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SchoolRP Rules | ENG |
Thank you for reading the rules, it helps you from getting into trouble with our staff!!

General rules :

The use of cheats, hacks or glitches will result in a permanent ban.
Hitting someone is allowed only during an fight. Do not wander around hitting others.
You can not reconnect, suicide, switch characters or use any other means to remove you from a roleplay situation.
Do not insult the players and the STAFF.
Follow the decisions of the STAFF, they are not negotiable.
 To request an Admin do (@ command or ///) must contain useful information such as the reason for your request. Any non-relevant messages, aggressive, or lower case will cause you an server kick.
The scams are prohibited.
Do not steal objects subject to a transaction between players.
If you see someone breaking the rules, try to warn or contact an admin. Do not fix the problem by yourself.
Do not step on the players when they are "ragdoll mode" (Tazed or dead).
No racism, sexism, discrimination or hate messages including in rp chat.
It is also prohibited to simulate a rape or other sexual abuse in the roleplay.
No extremist names such as "Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Joseph Stalin" or derivatives.
Do not use extremist symbols like swastikas (swastikas) or hammers and sickles.
Your name should only contain letters, it is possible that you get warned for this reason.

Ground rules :

No Freekill (Killing a person without a reason.
No FreePunch (Hitting a person without reason)
No Prop-Block (Take a prop, and prevent the passage at a door, the spawn etc ...)
No Prop-Climb (Take a prop and used as stairs to go in an inaccessible location normally).
No FreeDemote (Demote a person without reason).
Observe the New Life Rules ("Rule New Life": when you're dead, you do not remember anything)
No Spam (Do not invoke Props spam or chat).
No Advertising.
No Insults, small remarks, provocations are allowed at a RolePlay share, careful to differentiate the words IC (In Character, which are RP) and OOC (Out Of Character, which are out-RP).
No Racism in ooc and PR
No Metagame, ie the use of knowledge Off-RP RP in a context (like the information above players). Use TeamSpeak or Skype to call for reinforcements while we were deprived of means of communication is an act of Metagame.
Prohibition exploit bugs, anyone caught trying to take advantage of a bug or a glitch risk the ban.
When you speak to or call an administrator, respect them, they are not your dogs. contact them properly and without impatience otherwise you may not see them coming to help you. If there is no director that'll come to help you have to be patient they are busy and will look after you as soon as possible.
Make evidence of common sense and think about what you would do in PR IRL scenes.

Rules of the gamemode :

Play RolePlay as RolePlay and respect the scenes.
You must have a RolePlay name (First Name and Last Name). Use /name or F4 and command to put one.
Do not abuse the microphone and do not use it to stream music (use radio).
→ No need outside buildings.
You do not have the right to kill or strike: The Director, CPE, Pawn, teachers, cooks, doctors, ...
You do not have the right to change jobs in full RolePlay scenes.
→ AFK players can not be  FreeKilled, FreePunched, etc ...
The AFK system is made for short absences. If you abuse the time and that the server is full, we reserve the right to eject you to free up space.

Rules of the jobs:

- The Students: Students have the goal to attend to classes, They can brutalize intellectuals. They must respect the sport, raw and players from the government (cooks, teachers, pawns, cpe, director).
- Jock: Jocks are also students but can afford to skip class to go play sports (only possible excuse for them). Their main objective is to protect the students and intellectuals bullies.
- Bully : Bullys are dispelled and students feel compelled to brutalize intellectuals and students / high school, Jocks are the worst enemies of gross, they must avoid them and extort money from the students can (but especially the intellectuals).
- Greaser: Greasers are discrete students who are doing their business (protecting drug dealer) they can extort money from the students or gross.
- Drug dealer: The drug dealers aim to make dosh in dealant the weed.
- Nerds: Nerds are students who work hard in lessons and have exceptional grades. The intellectuals can not cause and can not hit, what are the darlings of the teachers.
- Cookchef: Cookchefs are considered the canteen of the servers, they are smiling to students and make good meals to students.
- Doctors: Doctors are smiling to everyone, their objectify is to treat "sores / wounds" or people's illnesses, they are mostly in their rooms and are normally available all the time.
- The pedophile: The pedophile is raping schoolgirls or students in dorms or discreetly behind the stands of the football field, they must ensure that they are all alone with his victim in order to rape her.
- Teachers: Teachers can make their way in the halls designated by their specialties, they can remind students to order thanks to slap (beware of abuse).
- Principal: Principals are like the font server, they are there to enforce the rules of the school, under penalty of a glue 80 seconds. They can use their tazer to escape or to control someone during a fight. They can not hit and have no right to provoke. Their first goal is to monitor progress and send them permanently if students are late.
- The Main Advisor: The Main Advisor must give orders to pieces depending on the situation and report to the Director. They can stick 80 seconds if the rules are not respected.
- The Director: The Director shall send orders to the Main Advisor, return students to their seats or even divert the course.

Rules of the Chat:

IC = = In Character
OOC = Out Of Character
For more information, see "Basic RolePlay"
All commands below should be used in the chat.
- "/Advert" 
- "/y" to yell.
- "//" To talk in OOC (HRP) is a character-Out channel, so you give no indication from RolePlay (do not ask the location of a player etc ...) (Canal OOC)
- "///" To contact an admin. (Use this channel in case of emergency, this channel is not to discuss).
- "/ Me" This command is for stock or RP scene descriptions. Very useful for RolePlay scenes. For example: during a kidnapping, a / me blindfolds him, the aggressors will not be recognized by the victim. (Canal IC)


In roleplays, the Metagaming is the use of information, knowledge OOC (Out Of Character: outside the character), which is used for the character in the world IC (In Character: the character )
For example, if you read the name of a player on the head without ever met him before is the metagame.
In real life, when you see someone for the first time do you know his name? No. "You should ask him".


The Powergame is performing an action in the game, but that is impossible IRL (In Real Life)
Example: A guy jumps from a roof and continues on his way, IRL he is dead or injured and not move.
The Powergame is also to force the action of a player, leaving no chance to the other player.
Example: You get in front of someone and you say that you tie up and rob it of its business. It is forbidden to force you the action of the player.
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