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Snakes Abuse
so he was hating on me for being annoying i admit i was a Minge during it but he spawned himself a Shotgun as a ClassDand i said i was gonna report it and he says "go report it" and so that means he admits of abusing and i heard the spawn in noise 

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f...1406247911 ThatsEvidence
ummm no template, ummm that "evidence" is not valid in any way. this is denied 1 for not following template 2 that is a shit reason.
I also have a bit of advise to you. Grow the fuck up
[Image: 28598429b5e4b2949ee91c5257f756aedfd1506b...9ba68b.jpg]
[Image: unknown.png]
Oclexe has my vote
[Image: 078864788d.jpg]
BubbleS Appro-(&)"&#"#-"#("

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