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Agent Having 150-200 Health?
Currently, when players are raiding the facility they're getting killed really easy, with only 100 health you're not valuable at all, whilst nobody has 250, this being said i feel like staff should be able to give the agent 150-200 health, but possibly agree on one of the numbers to set them to, it would make them a proper agent in my POV, since nobody maybe gold rank only, but having it as 250 health is pay 2 win sadly, so having it so agents have health set to 150-200 by staff will make raiding more balanced. 

Comment Down Below +1 Or -1 On this suggestion, its not intended to cause drama!
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We already talked about it yes it would help, but i dont know if we can do anything about it.
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I like the fact agents have 100hp, it means you have to be more careful when you try and take someone out instead of just spraying down a hallway. +1 Anyway tho
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I dont have agent as class, but i think it would be good if they have 150 hpppppp NO... Why? Agent is class with ability to camoflague as anyone and mostly noone know when they atack, can have hostages, can get SCP's on he's side, same class D, just give D boys a gun, everything of these combined make's an agent hard to kill, even with he's -100Healh 100Armor-

Agent is also a class that is in disguise, would be weird if disguised as researcher, weared heavy armor like commander.
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Agreed with Feverst. Agent can already disguise and giving him more hp would be kinda complicated. I'll think about this and maybe we'll have this added in the future but for now no.
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