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application yeas
How to: Use this Sample to create your application. Copy and paste the sample into your new application post and then answer the questions accordingly. You should also delete all of the red text as it is not needed.
Vocal Section: Go to Vocaroo and record each answer seperately, each time copying the link it gives you and posting it in the application as the answer.  If you do not wish to use your mic you are able to type out the answers instead as long as you include a reason. e.g you wont use it as staff (So people know when rating your app)
SteamID: To get your SteamID copy the URL of your steam profile (go to profile right click, copy URL Address) and then head to SteamIDFinder and paste it. It will then come up with a steamID which if done correctly will be of your profile.


All that dont follow the template will be denied.

* Name: Jack the Sexy Man Lad

Age *: (Recommended 15 years) 14

Availability *: (minimum 4 hours per day) 4-5 

Do you own a microphone and teamspeak? *: both 

A few words about you and your personality *: i like to eat food and watch nemo

RP * Name: Cruasder King Swiss

* SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29561917

* "How long have you been on our server?*level*: -(minimum 24 "hours") 3 hours

What timezone are you from? GMT + 1

You will need to go to the website: www.vocaroo.com, and click the button "Click To Record" and then answer the following questions orally, record them separately.

A few Things about you IRL *: cause despacito is a great song ( kool kid who likes to play games )

Your motivation for becoming an staff member *: Shrimp wants me to :c

Why you and not someone else? *: Despacito, no one comes here, can grab more players

Your strengths / weaknesses * Your: no weaknesses, some strengths : Despacito is a good song, Loyal, kind

Experience as a moderator or administrator *: staff on many other servers

What do you bring to the server *: activity

"Paul Jackson"(example) has been reported for FailRP and RDM, what would you do when you found out he is doing so if you were an staff? : warn them 

You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation? : instanity report to shrimp yes

Additional comments: - DESPACITO [b]DESPACITO [b]DESPACITO [b]DESPACITO [b]DESPACITO [/b][/b][/b][/b]

Other (Number of bans, worries etc. ..) *: none ( [b]DESPACITO )[/b]

Steam * Nickname: Swissafel ( [b]DESPACITO ) [/b]

*: Essential
Swiss Lays in this signature

Seventh Year
Le Only Swiss 
Ex Head Admin - HRP
SCP - Moderator 

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