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SCP-RP Staff Rules
Staff Rules

-Be respectful to every single staff member.
-Don't ask for promotions.
-Report any abuse to higher-ups. (SA+)
-Be a good example to players.
-Know the difference between jokes and seriousness.
-Use staff related commands only with your staff name.
-If you are taking sits be "Admin in Duty".
-Higher ranks can always take sits as job such as Class D.
-Lower ranks can take quick sits as roleplay job such as "Class D" but if you are going to actively take sits make sure to be "Admin in Duty".
-Make Sure to be active. Inactivity for more than 3 days without valid LOA(Leave of Absence) reason will result in demotion. Higher Ranks(HeadAdmin, SuperAdmin) will be demoted to rank admin. Lower ranks(Trial-Moderator, Moderator, Administator) will be fully demoted.
-Don't use arrest baton on other staff members.
-Arresting other staff members with arrest baton will result in strike.

[Image: mod3.png]
-Only Kick with a valid reason.
-Only Warn with a valid reason.
-Only Ban if there is no Admin on.

[Image: mod3.png]
-Same rules as Trial-Mods.

[Image: administrator.png]
-Only Warn with a valid reason.
-Only Kick with a valid reason.
-Only Ban with a valid reason.
-You Ban for Trial-Mods and Mods.

[Image: administrator.png]
-Same rules as Admins.
-Accept/Deny Unban-Requests on the Forum.
-Accept/Deny Player Reports on the Forum.

[Image: superadminrank.png]
-Same rules as Head-Admins.
-You can give permission to write vocaroo.
-Take reports from Staff and report it to an SSA.
-You can strike staff members with a valid reason and permission from SSA.
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Signed by Kebab Remover Foxy
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Yes Thank you snake Big Grin
Those rules are not your typical basic rules... Those rules are... "Advanced Rules" xD
Senior Super Admin
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-Blow up D Block with m9k_c4
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