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PurpyBlack's Unban Request
Name of the admin that banned you: Calpol STEAM_0:0:128907494

Your RP name: SSG PRT Purpy

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:97015776

Reason for the Ban: Racism

Length of your Ban: perm

Screen Message during your connection:
   You have been banned from this server
Time Left:
364999999632j 23h 32m 44s
Banned by: Calpol(STEAM_0:0:128907494)
watch your profanty
Unban Request:

explanations: some people (and Calpol) were in a room at Entrance Zone having fun and everything, 1 of O5 that were on a server adverted some none RP stuff, then i adverted something like "ya know me ni**a" (or something like that) then Calpol teleported me into that room, jailing me immediately. He pointed at O5 (that had Black Playermodel) and other people have laughed at me and saying "goodbye, goodbye man" (he haven't gave me a chance to even sorry or haven't gave me another chance, that was a 1 time thing i haven't did before)

boi, how the f*ck would I know that he had Black Playermodel huh? you guys weren't Roleplaying but staying in that damn room, where i had no permission to get in that is 1 Containment Zone between. And Ni**a isn't a bad word like Ni**er. Other people were saying Ni**a as well and they were left just with warning or had no consequences...

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The N Word is a none tolerance.
[Image: 078864788d.jpg]
BubbleS Approves this Statement
We (I say we becuase Oclexe and BubbleS were there) Banned you because racism isn't allowed on this server. I don't care if you meant it with racist intent or not, you can't say shit like that on our server.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Does that means that I am Unbanned or what?
Uuuhm, I'll give you my response

Saying the N word is a none tolerance.

you don't deserve to be unbanned, you may do this again in two weeks.

[Image: 078864788d.jpg]
BubbleS Approves this Statement
Ok, i really apologize for saying that tho, I really like that server. I was here from when Vex was on this server. I have played on this server entire time I could on my PC (When i wasn't playing Payday 2 of course)
he literally just said the post is closed
[Image: giphy.gif]
Oh ok, well i guess i'll try in 2 weeks, bye

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