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CodyXSavageX's Unban request
Name of the admin that banned you: Gulag inspector bepis (steam_0:0:173324654)

Your RP name: CodyXSavageX

Your Steam ID: 0:0:196360418

Reason for the Ban: Racism

Length of your Ban: Perma- Ban

Screen Message during your connection: https://i.gyazo.com/115f9d2c9bbe45c1cb45...55b78f.png

Explanation: In VC I had used the phrases "biggups my nigga" and "what's good my nigga" to holler at to some of the security guards as a class D. I want to express that word's influence on me caused me to use it passively but nonetheless I will apologize for my usage of the word and my ignorance for not recognizing how it's presence is felt in this server. For this I respect the authority the admin had banned me as well as understanding the consequences that my disregard for the rules had brought upon me however I request for my perma ban to be at least reduced so I may be able to return to the server at some date for my usage of the word was not to be racist,bend or break the rules it is a passive fault and I it is hard for me to recognize different atmospheres so I ask for my perma ban to be reduced to a finite time or if possible an unban
It doesn't sound too bad, i would give you a 2nd chance. +Support
Signed by Kebab Remover Foxy
[Image: DistinctWarpedBluemorphobutterfly-max-1mb.gif]

[Reason] You put actual effort in this which I like over the typical, "i said a bad bad pls unban".
And for that, I feel like you deserve a second chance.
[Image: giphy.gif]

You have shown responsibility for your actions and have show us that
although we have a zero tolerance policy towards those words that you deserve another chance on the server. You have put effort into this unban appeal and haven't started slagging of the staff member that banned you.
This is why we believe you should be unbanned.

Welcome back.

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