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why am i doing this again?
* Name: Daniel

Age *: (minimum 15 years) 15

Availability *: (minimum 4 hours per day) all day except for Teusdays and Wednsdays as I have courses from noon to night.

Do you own a microphone and teamspeak? *: yes and yes, but i prefer not to use the mic.

A few words about you and your personality *: i am a friendly person, will help to those in need i accept my punishments and I have a good sense of humor.

RP * Name: *job name* Living Boye Jeph

* SteamID: [b]STEAM_0:1:81621954[/b]

* "How long have you been on our server?*level*: -(minimum 24 "hours") a year or so, ny level on this account is 18 I think, this is not the one i played on, I lost access to my other one which was level 35 or something.

What timezone are you from? GMT +02:00

Vocal SectionVocaroo

I got permission from Snake to type those instead

Presentation IRL *: I am a friendly person who helps those in need, i accept my punishments and make good jokes.

Your motivation for becoming a staff member *: On my time on the server, i see a lot of people breaking rules, stopping the infinite amount of minge is important + i'm experienced with the system. (unless its changed from last time)

Why you and not someone else? *: Because i know how to help people and i know the rules, if i ever make a mistake, i will apologize and acknowledge it.

Your strengths / weaknesses * Your: Strengths: I will respond as fast as i can, and will help as much as i can, i am familiar with the system. 
Weaknesses: Not native English speaker (but that's not really a problem)

Experience as a moderator or administrator *: I was staff here before, But i resigned.

What do you bring to the server *: I am a funny person, and can be serious when needed, i am a stickler for rules, and it really bothers me when people break the rules. And, As i said, I was staff here before.

"Paul Jackson"(example) has been reported for FailRP and RDM, what would you do when you found out he is doing so if you were a staff? : This is a trick question in my opinion, it says if you "found out" he was doing so, so I will warn/ban him for failrp and if he's nice I won't warn him for RDM.
You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation? : Open my recording software and record as much of the abuse as i can to gather some proof, and, if available, will call a higher ranking staff member to help me.

Additional comments: If you didn't read it, Snake gave me permission to write the vocal section instead.

Other (Number of bans, worries etc. ..) *: nicht

Steam * Nickname: Ish Hayam
Thumbs Up 
Could've tried something else other than record the abuse, but other than that...

Looks good!


Hopefully see you soon at work!
+support meme lord is back
Signed by Kebab Remover Foxy
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yet again i am forgotten
Gaben stop
Signed by Kebab Remover Foxy
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(07-05-2018, 06:44 PM)FoxE Wrote: Gaben stop

i will never stop
Welcome in the staff team.
Get on Teamspeak & Server to Receive your Rank.
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(07-06-2018, 03:27 PM)Snake Wrote:
Welcome in the staff team.
Get on Teamspeak & Server to Receive your Rank.

After 25 long years, it has finally happened

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