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Staff App :P
* Name: Samantha

Age *: (minimum 15 years) 17

Availability *: (minimum 4 hours per day) 4-5

Do you own a microphone and teamspeak? *: i dont own a mic but i do own TS

A few words about you and your personality *: I can be A Demon but can be an angel too. i am calm alot of the time tho.. Tongue 

RP * Name: Minimum Potato

* SteamID: STEAM_1:0:162428582

* "How long have you been on our server?*level*: -(minimum 15 "level") level 32

What timezone are you from? GMT

Vocal SectionVocaroo
You will have to answer the following questions orally! Or ask an Owner to type the Vocaroo part.
Snake gave me perm
You will need to go to the website: www.vocaroo.com, and click the button "Click To Record" and then answer the following questions orally, record them separately.

Presentation IRL *: I Like to help people. When i was 7 i saved a little girl from drowning (ik it means nothing) and i like to laugh ALOT.

Your motivation for becoming a staff member *: I was inspired by my friend who was depressed afew months ago he became staff and the team motivated him and changed him i hope You can do that for me too!

Why you and not someone else? *: I think me and not someone else as im Different. You may have a crowed of semi - similar people but im Different im strange if you understand that. 

Your strengths / weaknesses * Your: My strengths are being calm and collected in certain situations. My Weaknesses are Fun and Memes.
Experience as a moderator or administrator *: Ive been staff on a Semi big dark rp server once. I forgot the name... Tongue

What do you bring to the server *: I bring the server A calm and collected person.
"Paul Jackson"(example) has been reported for FailRP and RDM, what would you do when you found out he is doing so if you were a staff? : I will give him 2 Warns as FailRP Is one warn and RDM is 2.

You see another moderator abusing his powers, what would you do in this situation? : Ask a higher staff member to make a report.

Additional comments: - I have been Demoted before but ive learnt from my mistakes and want 1 Last chance.

Other (Number of bans, worries etc. ..) *: ive had 2 bans (ive understood why i was banned) im Worried that no one trusts me and still dislikes me Sad

Steam * Nickname: Minimum Potato
App is short and not detailed,and you got demoted -support
Signed by Kebab Remover Foxy
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Good Application.

Sorry for being sarcastic up there.



- Short Staff app
- Never seen on Server
- Demoted
- No Details
-By Auditore | GrandLord Lucas Valli[EX KRP Moderator]
Was Demoted A While Ago
Staff Decided.
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