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PurpyBlack's Unban Request (2nd time asking)
Name of the admin that banned you: Calpol STEAM_0:0:128907494

Your RP name: SSG PRT Purpy

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:97015776

Reason for the Ban: Racism

Length of your Ban: perm

Screen Message during your connection:
   You have been banned from this server
Time Left:
364999999632j 23h 32m 44s
Banned by: Calpol(STEAM_0:0:128907494)
watch your profanty
Unban Request:

explanations: So... I waited 2 weeks to ask for Unban (as in Subject, this is 2nd attempt) Link to 1st attempt: http://infinitygaming.net/showthread.php?tid=7080 (idk if it works for anyone, it works for me...), but now i remember what actually happened. That O5 I was talking about last time said something like "I am eating beans" to which I replied "That Ni**a eats beans" and then you know how it ended... I'm still determined to play on this Server as it was 1 that would work for me without lags. (of course it's not only the case of not lagging) and umm... let's say that I was just joking I wanted to be just "kinda" funny.

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