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SRS FELIX admin abuse
so i was a security guard and srs felix says that i dont need to point at him so i said i wont then what he does is shoot me while i didnt even look at him (he kills me)
so because iam mad he killed me without a reason i killed him so he warned me for nlr. i understand that i got warned for nlr but he killed me for no reason aswell.
then i go back to just protecting so the class d's cant go through the door. then felix comes back picks me up and warns me again for nlr.
so at that point i got really mad. so i waited a little bit and went back to protecting again. but then after a while of protecting he comes back again and picks me up and warns me for nlr AGAIN. then i got banned i know its only a 4 hour ban but still. this is admin abuse the only warning i deserve is the first one and even that is because he killed me for no reason first.

btw my name is lerrej on steam if you need to know that 
and its on the scp rp server Tongue

so i hope this gets looked at.

-thanks for your time, regards Jerrel/Lerrej
ok idk why im reported on military rp im not even staff there
1) Format
2) wrong server
Next time, comment on the right server you got "Abused" on.
you may try again in two weeks, 
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