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Staff LOAs
Staff LOAs must be posted HERE. Staff is the only one to write here.

Failed to do this and is inactive for 3 days or more will result in a demotion.


Name (Ingame or on Discord):
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When you hit a wall, there is two ways around it....
Might wanna pin this?
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Name: Bepis

Reason: going on holiday

Duration: 10 days (24th July - 3rd August)

I will have no internet connection at this time as i will be in turkey.

While im on Loa i hope you all have a wonderful time.

I will be leaving on next Tuesday but until then i will be on as much as possible!

signed: Bepis
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Name: Living Boye Jeph (ingame)
Reason: PC broke, disk corrupted and graphics card died.
Time: no idea
Name (Ingame or on Discord): Pentatron
Reason: Family, Medical, Internet problems (maybe you realised that i was dropped from the TS last time)
Time:1-2 Weeks
I am back in a state of highly Suicidical risk thats why im back in the Mental clinic aktually.
i wont be able to get on a pc a lot but i try my best .
(Last few days was without pc and barely enough inet on my phone for a WA massage)
Thx to all who asked me how i am doing : im getting better but shietzophrenia is getting worse again.....
Have a great time guys see you again when everything is good again <3
Pentatron was here the Magnum 44 shot is near 

[Video: http:// <a href="http://www.youtube.com/...YbsCgM</a>]
Name: Cat
Reason: swimming
Time: 1 day
Quote:[Image: Catsig.png]"An Meow a day keeps the animal doctor away!" - Cat
08/07/2018 Head-admin
cat. drown.
[Image: 052b8229dce5ea8b05ef72d38b40f12a.gif]
[Image: 02f1ce32de2f275b3b209bc6b137ac65.png]
No,           U
Quote:[Image: Catsig.png]"An Meow a day keeps the animal doctor away!" - Cat
08/07/2018 Head-admin
Name (Ingame or on Discord):JohnLS
Reason:Internet problems.
Time: Don't know, internet keeps fucking up, I'll still try to go on but this will heavily decrease my activity, possibly going to last for a few days.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Name : Felix / MfeChu / MfeMeaf
Reason: My dad chose to turn off internet
Time: tommorow - untill he picks to turn it back on

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