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Nurf 008
It is just cancer when he is breached, we either make it so he can only infect 1 or we enforce the teaming rule, when an SCP frees another one that should be concidered teaming but it never is.
so now we get clusterfucks of SCP roaming the corridors, Swiss can confirm, along with Spycrab, I was freed twice in the space of 30 minutes as 008, I breached all SCP to the surface both times and caused a nuke both times to prove my poiny.
[Image: giphy.gif][Image: giphy-9.gif]
Supporting this. I also don't like how 008 can just infect 3 people that can mass rdm and he can choose anyone he wants to kill.
[Image: giphy.gif]
+support, theres no way to contain or get rid of him besides from a nuke.
[Image: despacito.jpg]
You contain 008 with a DU lol when the staff don't know the rules.
Mate how is the DU supposed to know where 008-A is?
[Image: despacito.jpg]
I'm all for this nerf, he's OP
pretty sure they changed it to 2
My anger burns hotter than the flames of hell. -Mad Luffy
[Image: 76561198146482039.png]
Tbh the only way to kill 008 is through DU or Nuke. I say DU can spot 008 by just the look of him. Yes ik DU isnt a super human, but DU is already shit and boring to play as, even more shit When 008 infects O5 and tells him to advent kos DU.

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