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Woorj's 2nd Unban Request/Appeal
Name of the admin that banned you: Commander Tomato Time (AKA Shrimp)

Your RP name: Woorj / Big Brother

Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:101170168

Reason for the Ban: Homophobia

Length of your Ban: Permaban / -17693j 14h 41m 11s

Screen Message during your connection: See below for the attachment.

[b]Explanations: [/b]

I have been banned for the homophobic cause in which I said "I HATE GAYS" in chat during my time as a Class-D. In the past I haven't clearly read the rules resulting in the notified presence of gays or bisexuals. I am now deeply sorry for the trouble I have caused for which it will never let this happen again. I have now re-read the rules knowing what I have done wrong and accepting the punishment I have caused for myself. As a Level 39 player I deeply apologize for my mistakes and hope in the future that this will not be caused again.

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=439]
How long ago were you banned?
[Image: despacito.jpg]
I believe I was banned on May 23rd 2018.
+Support | Seems sorry and sincere.
Accepted, i think you've waited long enough.
You should be unbanned within the next 10 minutes
Welcome back to the server :)
[Image: despacito.jpg]
Thank you so much for your time! I'm happy to be back.

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