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Hello there, some of you know me, some doesn't and some just forgotten about me, but it has been a long time since then.

For those who don't know me, I used to be an Head admin in the SCP server. I joined a long time ago when it was 2016 at the age of 15. Those times were good when people joined the server and had fun, even one time when I was on for my first day, there was a few people from the Werewolf community coming on the server and started to raid it by changing the server, I was laughing for the fact I couldn't do anything and had to have the previous owner to join back in and fix it. 
It was a fun ride, many times people tried to crash it but I was able to stop them in time, even though some props were still there, they soon despawned and the went back to running. An old admin joined the team and he was good at his job but not well at attending, he was on only a few times, people seems to be seeing him doing something he's not suppose to and was always afk when he's on the server. It was annoying a lot even when the incident of someone trying to crash a server, I just got back from school and was told by a friend who wasn't an admin that the server is gonna crash, it was the one I mentioned earlier and it was when this new admin was afk during duty.
I decided to give him a warning which changed his behaviour, that was after I was a head admin. Later on the old Senior Super Admin stepped down since the guy I mentioned got promoted to a Senior Super Admin after only a few weeks on the job, in a forum that someone made who said to promote me, two people said he should be promoted which resulted in him getting it. I was annoyed but decided to not get annoyed.
Later on two people joined in, with very bad grammar, I couldn't say anything because I was bad but, they were even bad than me, I tried to make it understandable but these guys didn't even try. As again the Senior Super Admin at the time, the new one promoted them after 2 minutes of it being posted, and what do you know it was the same guys who said this Admin should be promoted. 
Months past and I had to go on holiday, I made a forum saying I won't be on for a week, I even told the newest Senior Super Admin, after that holiday I came back from my title getting stripped by the guy and the two guys i mentioned got promoted the same time I was deranked as I was told. 
I didn't came back to this place for 1 year and a few months. when I came back I saw the guy who deranked me got banned which made me happy, but still pissed from him doing what he did.
Anyways I want this place to comeback, but since it has a low chance of doing that, I'm not gonna try to much, I hope people see this and do something about rising the place up. 

Have a nice day
Yours Sincerely
               Biotoxic aka Roberto Kryekurti-Chinigo
BioToxic Mate
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Welcome back to the Wasteland we call Infinity Gaming.

Sincerely, Spycrab.
Best regards, Spycrab.
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