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New KingdomRP Rules
1.0 General Conduct

1.1 Discrimination - Discrimination in any form (sexism, racism, prejudicial remarks) are not permitted on our server.

1.2 AFK Farming - Staying AFK on the server for over 10 minutes is against the rules. This will result first with just being kicked, if caught doing again in the near future it can lead to a warn or a ban.

1.3 Disrespect - Users of the IG community server are to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.

1.4 Spam/Promotion of non-IG services - Spamming is unacceptable; do not repeat messages more than once in a short space of time, make incoherent/useless messages or messages which promote another competitor community/service.

1.5 Client Side Modification (hacking) - Do not attempt to modify your client to gain an advantage on our server. This includes, but isn't limited to: hacks and scripts.

1.6 Avoiding Punishment - If you are being addressed by a member of staff out of character, do not leave without their permission to do so.

1.7 Mic spam - Spamming the mic is unacceptable in any format, whether it be screaming, singing, repeating yourself or playing music unless another rule states otherwise.
1.75 Voice modifications - The use of Voice changers/soundboards is not allowed.

1.8 Exploiting - Purposely abusing unintentional game features is prohibited.

1.9 Player - Your player name should not be vulgar, offensive or blasphemous. It should also be in the format of a first and last name. For example: Joe Bloggs

2.0 Sexual/Rape RP - Romance and Foreplay is allowed but Erotic/Sexual roleplay must be done privately via steam, discord DM's, etc. Both players must give consent. Any kind of Rape RP is not allowed.

2.0 Character

2.1 Random Death Match - In order to kill a player, you must have a roleplay-valid reason to do so.

2.2 New Life Rule - Do not return or interact with the area(See below for a server map) of your death that you died until 5 minutes has passed.  This includes returning to the job/faction you held at the moment of your death, you may only return to that job/faction after 5 minutes has passed. If you died in the spawn area, leave it promptly or AFK at spawn, you must also forget everything about your previous life and start a new one, as from it's name "New Life Rule". 

Server Map
[Image: qlWOumt.png]
2.3 Meta gaming - In Character related information should merely be relayed (when appropriate and coincident with the other rules) through the In Character channels. This also applies vice-versa, as out of character information should not be used in character.

2.4 Prop Abuse - The use of a prop to kill, push, or surf entities is not permitted.

2.5 Spawn Areas - Killing or kidnapping players who have just (re)spawned or are in spawn is not allowed. This includes the Tavern/hostel. You're not allowed to build in the spawn area, however you can in the Tavern.

2.6 Job Titles - Job titles do not enable unreasonable actions (such as mass RDMing because your job is a god). You may roleplay AS something such as a god; but actions must be thoughtful and roleplayed correctly. You can not change your job title to the title of another job. You must follow the rules for the 'base' job & server rules.

2.7 FearRP - Do not do anything that would risk your life under FearRP. The side with most armed people would be in charge of the situation. For example, a group of 3 could stop one guy even if he has a sword. FearRP ends after the first sword is swung.

You must use /me to conduct FearRP. For example: '/me strips [name] of his/her weapons.' or '/me pushes [name] over the wall'

- Taking hostage: Once you are under their control, you must comply until someone pays your ransom, breaks you out (advertising counter) or if the owner dies. The town guard/kingdom should try in their best effort to rescue the player, not put them at risk. You can not keep a hostage for more than 15 minutes after this time is up you need to either let them go or kill them. You can not make a victims ransom more than 10k. When taking a hostage you are only allowed to do it in a place that you can't be seen or is not visited by many people. You also can mug people anywhere if no one is in that area; sheltered and private.

- Mugging: You may not mug for more than 4k. If under Fear-RP, you can not refuse this if you have the money, and you can not kill your mugger once they are finished with you. You can't mug more than 3 times over the course of an hour; When mugging you are only allowed to do it in a place that you can't be seen or is not visited by many people. You also can mug people anywhere if no one is in that area; sheltered and private., and properly role-played in order to avert powergaming. 

- Raid/Seige/War: FearRP does not apply.

2.8 Demote System - You can not demote people. Call a staff member( use !admin )

2.9 Bribing - You're not allowed to bribe players to become other jobs.

2.10 Self Defence - You can only defend yourself against town guards/kingdom guards/another player who are actively trying to arrest, attack or kidnap you. If someone is insulting you, you may attack them only after warning to cease the insulting behavior and only if they do not comply. (Breaking fearRP if sword is equipped).

2.11 Identifying - You do not know another players name or job before you have asked them. Do not use meta information such as the player overlay or the tab menu.

2.12 FailRP - Sitting on other players heads is FailRP and can lead to a warn. You can only sit on the heads of the Werewolf', slaves and the Transporter. Obviously this is if you are either their master or they let you.
3.0 Base Rules

3.1 Fading Doors & Buttons - You are allowed a maximum of two consecutive fading doors in order to access any part of the base. Every fading door requires a button adjacent to it on both sides with an activated time of at least 4 seconds or openly permanently. Other base mechanisms such as kill holes are an exception as they only require a button on one side. Buttons must be clearly visible.  Buttons must not be used as a building material ( the props ).

3.2 Base Appearance - Bases must not have flickering effects, invisible or anything difficult to the eye. Anyone entering the base must be able to see where they are going. No completely blacked out rooms the black material can only be used on one wall. Transparency can not be lower than 170% / units on the color/colour slider. It must keep within the medieval theme of the server.

3.3 Street/Path Bases - Bases may be built outside of a properties confinement as long as they do not intrude on a property you do not own and do not prohibit players from passing. ( This does not apply to rule 3.13 Town/Kingdom Checkpoint )

3.4 Sky Bases - Sky-bases are not allowed. If parts of a base are floating, they should be aesthetically supported at the edges.

3.5 Propblock - You may prop block any other entrances to a base as long as you have one. You may prop block parts of your base that you are not using as long as you void access to them, and no entities are stored there.

3.6 Entities - Do not store entities in inaccessible areas on the map this includes inside world props.

3.7 Killboxes - Kill boxes which expose a part of a players body through the hit boxes of a prop are not allowed.

3.8 Raider-Defender Rule - Raiders must be able to hit/fire arrows AND see you when you can swing/fire arrows them.

3.9 Fake Entrances - Fake entrances are not allowed.

3.10 Claiming Properties - You may only claim multiple rooms/buildings if you have enough people basing with you to make it worthwhile the owner of the house is the one that owns the front door. 

3.11 Building Signs - A building sign can only be used within the space in which you're building in at the time. Anything similar to "Building" will be counted as a building sign so you shouldn't use fake signs to try "Tricking" people. You're not allowed to place building signs on houses you don't own.

3.12 Town Hall/Kingdoms - No building if you are not a official IE: Mayor, town guard,king and etc unless you are given permission to do so.
(This also includes anyone Role-playing as a kingdom/town job like Reach/Stormland doctor)

3.13 Town/Kingdom Checkpoints - Town guards can make Checkpoints at the town entrance but they must have two people at them at all times. You can only hold people for two minutes. You cannot block the town entrance with a fading door. Mazes are allowed.

3.14 Ramps, Ladders & Bridges - Ramps, ladders and bridges must be wide enough for two people to stand side by side at once. They also cannot be fading and must be supported.

3.15 Text Screens - Text Screens must not have flickering effects, invisible or anything difficult to the eye. You are not allowed to place them on anyone's house or another players "Shop Area". Text Screens can not contain anything that is offensive or breaks RP.

3.16 Camera - You are not allowed to place a camera down.

3.17 Roofs - You are not allowed to base or be on any roofs that are on the outer edges of the map or that you can fall out of the map with. 

3.18 KOS Sign - KOS signs cannot specify a certain job. 

3.19 Restriction Sign - Signs that state a certain job cannot access a certain area are not allowed.

4.0 War/Siege/Raid Rules

4.1 Valid Reason - You must have a valid RP reason to (declare) war/siege/raid a base/kingdom.

4.2 Declaring a siege/raid - You must advertise siege/raid before starting a siege/raid.

4.3 Minimum Players - Each side must have a minimum of 4 players before a war is started.

4.4 War Rejection - You can only reject a war if the RP reason is invalid or if accepting the war would break rule 4.3. If a war is rejected then the declaring side cannot siege/war/raid the opposing faction.

4.5 War Timer - You cannot Siege the other Kingdom's castle until the 10 min setup timer is over. If they meet outside there castle's they can fight.

4.6 Declaring war - You can only declare war if the RP reason is valid & declaring war does not break rule 4.3.

4.7 Siege/War Props - You are allowed to spawn certain props to gain entrance to a kingdom/base. Ladders are the only props permitted, all other props are prohibited and the use of such will be classified as prop climb/failRP.

4.8 War Finish - A war is won only if the attacking/defending leader/king have been killed. Once a war is over you should ask a member of staff to stop the war.

4.9 Attacking/Defending - The kingdom/faction that made the declaration of war is to attack the opposing kingdom/factions keep.

5.0 Kidnapping Rules
Reference rule 2.7 FearRP

5.1 Declaring a kidnap - Before attempting to kidnap a player you must advertise Kidnap. This allows other players to advertise counter and attempt to free your hostage.

5.2 Countering a kidnap - You may only counter/free a hostage after you have advertised Counter.

5.3 Kidnap Timer - You may only hold a hostage for 15 minutes after 15 minutes has passed you must either free the hostage or kill them.

5.4 Kidnap Cooldown - You may only kidnap once every 5 minutes. 12 times every hour. You may not kidnap the same player you have held hostage using your previous kidnap.

5.5 Slavery - You are allowed to kidnap and use players as slaves if job your permits kidnapping. Combat slaves are not allowed.

5.6 Escaping - You are not allowed to break out of cuffs, you must wait for your captor to let you go, or someone to advert Counter and release you.

6.0 House and Guild Rules

6.1 War Rules.
Guild and Houses may declare war on eachother with the permission of the Guild Leader or other such members, Open warfare however is no allowed and you cannot run up to a member of the opposite house and kill them for no reason. If a House or Guild claims a castle or settlement for themselves which they can rightfully do you may call Siege on the settlement in question and attack the House or Guild who is currently in control of it. Duels can be ordered between the houses by speaking with the Duel NPC located near spawn available to everyone. This is a way for these houses to have combat and therefore have a point to war.

6.2 House Alliances.
Houses and Guilds can become allies with the permission from the Leader or other such ranks depending on the Leader decision, again if a house is at war with another house the allies of selected houses are not automatically in the war with their allies and the Leader much also declare war on selected house, the same rules still apply to the allied house shown above in the War Rules section.

6.3 Jobs For Houses.
Certain jobs are prohibited to take part in any house activities until the player changes to another job, The following jobs are excluded from taking part in house activities:
Town, Reach, Stormlands and Evil Faction associates
Animals unless their owner is also part of the same guild/house

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