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Staff Rules
Remember to always follow this rules, by not follow this can give bad Consequences and wont be good for anybody, therefor we would prefer you follow this, remember to check up on them everyday since they can be updated, and not always we will or can inform about it.

  • Do not physgun Players without any valid reason.

  • Do not kick players just because you think it's funny.

  • Do not Disrespect others.

  • Remember you are only a Moderator, you can't command other moderators or staff members.

  • Always listen to higher ranked.

  • Roleplaying as staff on duty is not allowed.

  • Do not noclip or cloak mode when not staff on duty(Unless it's Urgent or Important)

  • Even though you are not staff on duty, if there are nobody on duty, or they are busy you are still supposed to help.

  • Do not take over or Interfere other staff sits, ask if you want to teleport to them.
  • When Banning players for a long period of time, you must provide evidence for the ban incase they appeal.

  • Do not set jobs, Hp, or names Etc. without a valid reason.

  • Same as a Moderator

  • You are not allowed to kick staff members(Unless they are afk)
  • If there is a valid reason to ban a staff member, then you are allowed, but only if you have a permission from a superadmin or above, and there needs a valid reason.

  • You are allowed to change bans(Ban Time, Reason, Unban etc), but only with a valid reason.

  • You are helping to manage staff members.
  • You are managing the staff members, and are able to demote if there is a valid reason for it.

  • You are able to manage bans if you need to and theres a valid reason.

  • Do not ban other staff members unless it's very Urgent or a Suspention.

  • Do not Physgun staff members randomly, or because you want to.
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