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Alphawolf Failrp

Date of Incident: about 2 days ago so 12/03/2020 at around 11PM to 1AM i think

RP Name of the player being accused: AlphaWolf729

Steam ID of the person you're reporting: STEAM_0:0:197337899

Reason for the Report: Failrp as SCP

Proof (Screenshot / Video): https://imgur.com/a/W4orHCd

Extra Info:not sure what happened even if you ask me i wont be able to give you precise info because i was really tired at the time so i might not remember every thing right
| - DENIED - |

Alphawolf was AFK during that time. He had been testing out stuff with Swiss and others, he obviously was AFK on the screenshots and told me that he wasn't in D-block when he went away.

There simply isn't enough proof.

Best regards, Spycrab.
PFFFFFFT............youre telling me that im wrong because Alphawolf Said so???????....................................................................

great great i fucking love this server
I am not telling you that you are wrong "just because alphawolf said so", quite the opposite.

 I'm telling you that there isn't enough proof. A person could've simply used a stunstick to get him there.

And after seeing your responses in-game towards alphawolf in the logs, it is obvious that you have some kind of grudge against him.
Best regards, Spycrab.
No more further commenting on this as i want staffs opinion on this, stop going back and forth for the staffs sake until we give a valid answer.
Ok I confesse I stunsticked alphawolf to D block tbh it was mostly a joke but I think he had a grudge against me because of it and later by later i mean today he failrped as scp to kill me and said it was because i gave him no orders since you checked the logs you can see him failrp just because he didn't like me and after he failrped I was obviously mad and because I didn't know how to get revenge I tried this

The moral of the story here is that Alphawolf is surprisingly petty 

I'm guessing I'm gonna get banned right?
There was no need for this player report if this was the said outcome, this is really pathetic in general, this thread is denied and closed, further replies will result in punishment, will further discuss what happens about failrp as SCP with others, staff will get an overview and will understand what happens.


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