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Bepis, Returning
How to become a Senior Super Admin?

1) You must be motivated and determined.

2) Be determined to market the server.

3) Have Teamspeak and Discord.


1) What servers have you been staff on? This one, a while ago,

2) Why do you choose this certain server? I played on it a long time ago

3) How would you get the server populair? Do what I used too do, because you remember when the server died? Yeah that was after I left with Shrimp so...

4) How would you get your staff team? Obviously get the good old lads back together, spud, shrimp, oclexe, snake and bubbles.

5) What are your strengths weaknesses? strengths are - everything about me     weaknesses - I am only 1 person, not multiple, so I cannot do every job

Thanks lad, - Bepis, EX SCPRP SSA, the one after S0nic and Bubbles, and totally did not mess with the Teamspeak that one time. Your welcome.

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