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How to play HogwartsRP for newbies
[Image: tumblr_static_d9f57daj59sssk8kwcc0008w8.png] How to play HogwartsRP 
So, You're new to HogwartsRP and you don't know how to properly roleplay? If that's the situation you're in i recommend reading this tutorial.

Let's start of from the beginning in case you're new to Garry's Mod aswell. 
You start of loading into the server where it will download all necessary content. If it doesn't make sure "cl_downloadfilter" is set to "all" in the console (Default: "`")
When you've successfully downloaded all the content and connected you will be spawned into the Courtyard where you will have to choose between all 4 different factions: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. 
Before doing anything after selecting your faction make sure you read the rules [LINK]. Once you're done reading all the rules and have a good understanding of what all of it means you're ready to start exploring HogwartsRP.
Your role as a student is to go to classes and learn just like you would in real life. In the upper right corner of the screen there is an indicator telling you what is on your schedule.
For example if it says "Class 1 | Wizardy Class" that means you're supposed to go to class 1, and if it says "Free Time" that means you got a break until next class. Keep in mind that you can only train Quidditch if you are level 13 up.
During class you're supposed to sit down ("ALT+E") and follow the instructions of the teacher. If the teacher asks you to reach your hand do so by typing "/me raises hand" in chat.
You learn your spells by going to these classes but keep in mind some classes are theoretical and doesn't give out spells, For example Botany and Muggle class are both theoretical courses and doesn't teach spells.
If your schedule indicator displays "Lockdown" that means there is probably some sort of attack towards the school. What you do in this situation is go to your factions dorm.
If you're having problems navigating troughout the school there is a brief map at the bottom of this post, You may also ask other students, teachers, prefects etc.
Let's say you're now at level 5. That means you are now eligible to become a teacher for theoretical courses. If you wish to become a teacher that educates in spells you will have to wait until level 10 to do so.
Your role as a teacher is also similiar to in real life. You walk around school making sure everything is under control and check if any students need help for navigations, homework etc.
To make sure you haven't forgot while reading this, you may not supply yourself with spells as a teacher (self-supply) and you are not allowed to freespell no matter what role you have.
If you do get killed you may report your killer for freespelling if he did. If he didn't you are not allowed to return to get your revenge. When you respawn you gotta act like it's an entire new life (NLR)
Going in depth with freespelling, it means using offensive spells without permission. You are allowed to test your spells during break in your bedrooms, the dueling room or if your teacher gives you permission to during class.
(Spongify and Healing spells are still allowed)

Usefull Binds
Sit Down = Look at a corner and press ALT + E simultaneously. (You are NOT allowed to sit on others heads)
Equip Spell = Equip your wand and press RMB (Right Mouse Button) and click on a spell to equip.
ULX Menu = Bind "ulx menu" to whichever key by opening the console (Default: "`") and typing: bind "key" "ulx menu"

Usefull Commands

Use OOC (Public Chat Outside Of Character) = // <message>
Use Admin Chat = @ <message>   or   /// <message>
Advert (Public Chat Inside Of Character) = /advert <message> 
Explain Roleplay Action = /me <message>

If you still have any questions, Feel free to ask them in the comments below  Wink 

Map Overview

[Image: l80FXL2.png]

[Image: AOXv5Ht.png]

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